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Craziest New Year’s Resolution?

Everybody’s got a New Year’s Resolution; mine was to try something completely different this year, preferably something that looked a little crazy at first.

Well, scratch that one off the list!

Last week I tried my friend Billy Smith’s invention, the Sporting Sail. To understand the Sporting Sail think about drag racing. Remember at the end of the run when the parachute would pop out from the drag racer to slow it down? That’s essentially the idea behind Sporting Sails, and it works if you’re on skis, skateboard, snowboard, paddleboard, etc. It’s just another way of controlling the speed of your descent.

SPORTING-SAILS - Downhill Longboarding, Skateboarding, Skiing,   Snowboarding Sail

From the very first moment I used the Sporting Sail snowboarding in Lake Tahoe, I loved it. You can bomb down a hill, then slow down a bit by raising your arms, then speed up again. It’s like having air brakes. And people really respond to this thing. Particularly people who like to try new things. As I was passing one guy on the slopes, with my red-and-white Sporting Sail fully deployed, he yelled out, “Go Canada!”

Anyway, I’m thrilled to be an unofficial team rider for Sporting Sails, (look for my X Games debut) AND GO TRY SOMETHING NEW IN 2011.

This is my Crazy New Year’s Resolution, what’s yours?

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Where: Sporting Sails Website